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This project was done through the company I work for: Solve Web Media. Tregothnan had an old outdated website that was hard to update and maintain. I designed and rebuilt their website using a premium WordPress theme and then modified it to the look and feel that they were hoping for. The new website is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the country, bug free, up to date and easy to navigate.

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Tregothnan Showcase

Rise Up Surf Retreats

Online Bookings

Rise Up Surf has been one of my ongoing clients for the past few years. We tend to do an overhaul every year to give it a refreshing look. About a year ago we rebuilt the website and more recently we did a redesign of the home page and destination pages. I also implemented a booking system to allow guests to book through the website.

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Rise Up Showcase

Base Campers

Showcase & Services

Base Campers – Another project through Solve Web Media – had a totally bespoke and custom theme built into the website. This was a very large task as the website has so many areas to it. While I wasn’t involved in the initial design of the website, I brought the concept to life by creating the WordPress theme totally from scratch. This brought across many design challenges and learning a lot of new techniques that have been very useful to implement in many websites in the future.

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Base Campers Showcase

Wholesome World

App Showcase | E-Commerce | Blog

Another custom made WordPress theme that signifies and showcases the simplicity of this recipe and healthy lifestyle App. The website needed to be very simple and easy to use, not only to provide a portal to the App download but also as a space for blog posts and an online store.

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Wholesome World Showcase

Resources For Life

Blog | E-Commerce

Resources For Life was in need of a slight rebrand and a website overhaul. As the shop became a lot more simple and was now only selling one or two items, it became more of a blogging website. This can be seen on the blog carousel on the home page where users are easily able to keep up with the latest news on whatever the client is writing about. The client is easily able to write posts and have the rest of the website update dynamically with minimal input. Turtle Digital also provides ongoing maintenance, support and hosting.

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Resources for Life Showcase

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